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Legal assistance may be available if you or a loved one developed lung cancer. Companies made and sold products with asbestos — a material that can cause lung cancer — for decades without revealing the risks. Attorneys and law firms can offer lung cancer legal advice and pursue compensation for you.

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Getting Legal Help for Lung Cancer & Asbestos Exposure

Lung cancer is a physically, emotionally, and financial devastating illness, but legal help can ease some of your burdens. Law firms and lawyers across the country can pursue legal compensation on your behalf if your lung cancer was caused by asbestos exposure.

Two people sit at a brown desk. Scales of justice and a gavel are sitting on the desk n the background.Asbestos is a very durable but cancer-causing material. Manufacturers used asbestos in a wide range of products between the 1930s and early 1980s despite knowing the dangers. This put millions of people at risk of lung cancer, as asbestos fibers from these products could get stuck in their lung tissue and cause them to get sick decades later.

Tens of thousands of people in the U.S. develop asbestos-related lung cancer each year. Thankfully, lung cancer patients can hold manufacturers financially responsible through legal action.

Call (877) 446-5767 now to find legal aid for lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases. Our caring patient advocates can tell you more about your options after a diagnosis.

Further, our team can also see when, where, and how you were exposed to asbestos — even if you don’t remember or are unsure. This is very helpful since decades may have passed between your asbestos exposure and your lung cancer diagnosis.

Lung Cancer Lawyers

It’s important to work with a dedicated lung cancer lawyer if you want to take legal action. These attorneys dedicate their work to helping those with asbestos-related diseases and have a wealth of knowledge they can use to build a strong case.

These attorneys can:
  • Find out when, where, and how you were exposed to asbestos
  • Collect records to build your case (like results of X-rays or CT scans, medical bills, etc.)
  • See if your asbestos exposure led to your lung cancer diagnosis
  • Build a legal claim and file it on your behalf
  • Get compensation from makers of asbestos-based products

Lung cancer attorneys serve as your guide through the legal process and can do much of the legal work on your behalf.

Lung Cancer Lawsuits

Lung cancer lawsuits are filed against the makers of asbestos-containing products. There are three major types of lung cancer lawsuits. Learn about each type below to find out which may be best in your case.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

You may qualify to file a personal injury lawsuit if you were diagnosed with lung cancer.

A personal injury lung cancer lawsuit will explain:

  1. How you were exposed to asbestos
  2. Which companies made the asbestos products you were exposed to
  3. How the asbestos exposure caused your cancer
  4. Why you deserve financial compensation and how much

You won’t have to file a lung cancer lawsuit yourself if you work with an attorney. This saves you extra stress and allows you to focus on getting lung cancer treatments.

Most personal injury cases award compensation through out-of-court settlements. A settlement is a legal agreement to end the case before a trial. You’ll get financial compensation as part of a settlement agreement.

A small amount of lung cancer lawsuits won’t reach a settlement, though. These personal lawsuits may need to go to trial in court. Here, a judge and/or jury will determine how much money (if any) the manufacturers have to pay.

Trials may award more or less than a settlement and can be unpredictable. Most attorneys will want to reach a settlement.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

You can file a wrongful death lawsuit if a family member or loved one died of asbestos-related lung cancer. Wrongful death lawsuits will explain that your loved one would still be alive had the manufacturers not exposed them to asbestos-containing products.

Like personal injury lawsuits, most wrongful death lawsuits will reach a settlement while only a few will go to an in-person trial.

You can get financial aid if a loved one died from asbestos lung cancer or is currently fighting it. Get a free case review now to find out your eligibility.

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Class-Action Lawsuits

Class-action lawsuits are filed when groups of people are harmed in the same way. Asbestos-related lung cancer lawsuits aren’t usually filed as class actions for a couple of reasons.

First, you could have been exposed to asbestos in different ways than another person who also has asbestos lung cancer. For example, you may have been exposed to more or fewer asbestos-based products depending on what job you held, how long you worked at the job for, and other factors.

Further, asbestos exposure can cause many illnesses besides lung cancer. This includes other forms of cancer like mesothelioma, noncancerous diseases like asbestosis, and more. Some who are exposed to asbestos never get sick.

Thus, it’s in your best interest to file a personal injury or wrongful death lung cancer lawsuit in most cases.

Asbestos Trust Funds

Asbestos trust funds are collections of money set aside to help those with lung cancer or other asbestos-related diseases. Over $30 billion is estimated to be in asbestos trust funds today. You can file a trust fund claim alongside lawsuits with a lung cancer lawyer’s help.

Many manufacturers of asbestos-containing products faced thousands of lawsuits after the risks of asbestos became well-known. In response, these companies filed for bankruptcy protection.

Did You Know?

Bankrupt companies cannot be sued. However, the bankruptcy courts forced these companies to set aside money in trusts to pay anyone who developed an asbestos-related disease from using or working around their products.

You can pursue financial payouts from a trust fund if you were exposed to any asbestos-based products listed by the trust. You could get compensation from more than one trust depending on which companies made the products you were exposed to.

Lung Cancer Law Firms

Lung cancer attorneys work at law firms throughout the country. Lung cancer law firms dedicate their time to helping patients get the justice and financial compensation they deserve.

Choosing a law firm is a big step in the legal process. Learn how you can choose the best lung cancer law firm for your case with the questions below.

Questions to ask a lung cancer law firm include:

  • Does the law firm focus on lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases?
    Top lung cancer law firms have attorneys who focus exclusively on helping those with asbestos-related diseases like lung cancer. The firms also have databases on where, when, and how asbestos was used. General law firms may not have these resources.
  • Are the lawyers for the law firm professional, friendly, and respectful?
    The attorney-client relationship is very important. You need to be sure that your lawyers take the time to make you feel comfortable, answer your questions, and support you.
  • Are there any upfront fees to work with the law firm?
    The firm should offer a free case evaluation to potential clients like you. The best lung cancer law firms also work on a contingency basis. This means that the firm and its lawyers only get paid if they secure compensation for you.
  • Does the firm have a national presence?
    National lung cancer law firms give you all the benefits of local firms and much more. National firms can often handle cases no matter where you live and keep track of how asbestos exposure occurred in every state.

Our team can help you find lung cancer law firms near you. Call (877) 446-5767 or contact us to get started.

Statutes of Limitations and Lung Cancer Legal Help

You only have a limited time to take legal action after a lung cancer diagnosis. Laws called statutes of limitations prevent lawsuits from being filed if too much time passes.

You’ll never be able to take legal action if the statute of limitations is exceeded in your case.

Work with a lung cancer attorney as soon as possible after you’ve been diagnosed, so you don’t miss your chance to get compensation. Lung cancer lawyers can help you understand the statutes of limitations in your case and promptly take legal action on your behalf.

Find Lung Cancer Lawyers & Law Firms Near You

It can be daunting to find the right lawyer for your case with so many legal options available. Thankfully, Lung Cancer Group can connect you with top lung cancer law firms and attorneys across the country.

These lawyers know how to properly build and file lung cancer lawsuits or trust fund claims. This ensures that you’ll be in the best hands as your case moves forward.

Compensation from a lung cancer lawsuit can pay for:

  • Cancer treatments & other medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Any other bills or costs

Access lung cancer legal help right now. Get a free case review or call us at (877) 446-5767 to get started. Our team can connect you with lung cancer lawyers and law firms.

FAQs About Lung Cancer Legal Help

Can you sue someone for causing your lung cancer?

Yes. You can sue the manufacturers of asbestos-containing products if you developed lung cancer after working with or around asbestos.

Manufacturers of asbestos-containing products knew that asbestos was harmful back in the 1930s but didn’t reveal the dangers until decades later.

You can get legal help for both non-small cell lung cancer or small cell lung cancer as long as your case can be linked to long-term asbestos exposure.

Our team can see if your cancer was caused by asbestos. Call (877) 446-5767 now.

You may be able to get workers’ compensation if you have asbestos-related lung cancer. However, make sure to check with a lung cancer lawyer before you apply. Getting workers’ compensation could affect your legal claim and how much money you receive.

It depends on the nature of your case. Past asbestos lung cancer cases have awarded life-changing amounts of compensation for patients and their families.

Your lung cancer lawyers will do everything they can to get the most money in your case, so you can pay for health care costs and other expenses.

Yes. Laws called statutes of limitations affect how long you have to file a lung cancer lawsuit. You won’t be able to take legal action if the statute of limitations passes in your case.

Don’t risk missing out. Connect with a lung cancer law firm now to make sure your case is filed in time. Call (877) 446-5767 to start the process.

Yes, in some cases. Talk to our team to learn if you can get legal help for other asbestos-related diseases.

While each case is different and amounts vary, mesothelioma patients often receive $1 million to cover medical treatments and other expenses with legal help.

Some mesothelioma cases can award even more. Recently, a U.S. Navy veteran with mesothelioma received over $40 million.

Lung Cancer Group was established by a team of caring advocates so those with lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases can get the help they deserve. Our site provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about lung cancer, its link to asbestos, and financial compensation available to patients. Contact us to learn more and get assistance.

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