Lung Cancer Claims

If you or a loved one has developed lung cancer after exposure to asbestos or silica dust, you may be eligible to pursue lung cancer claims. These claims aim to get you compensation for medical bills and other expenses. Learn if you qualify to file lung cancer claims with our team’s help.

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What Are Lung Cancer Claims?

Lung cancer claims are a type of legal option that a person might have after developing lung cancer due to asbestos or silica dust exposure.

Lung cancer claims can provide compensation for:

  • Living expenses if someone can’t work during treatment
  • Medical bills from diagnostic tests or treatments
  • Travel costs to and from medical treatment centers

Family members who lost their loved one to silica-related or asbestos-related lung cancer may also be eligible to file compensation claims to help pay for funeral and burial costs.

The lung cancer claims process is much easier when you work with Lung Cancer Group.

Our team can connect you with lung cancer lawyers who’ll do all of the work that comes with filing a claim, meaning there’s no extra stress on you or your families. See if you might be eligible with a free case review today.

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Types of Lung Cancer Claims

There are multiple types of lung cancer legal claims. Learn about each of them below.

Asbestos Trust Fund Claims

Asbestos trust funds contain over $30 billion for those with lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other diseases.

Bankrupt companies were required to put money into these trusts to pay victims for their negligence. Eligible lung cancer patients can file claims with one or more trusts depending on which asbestos-containing products they were exposed to.

Did You Know?

People exposed to high amounts of asbestos like U.S. veterans are often eligible for the most compensation from asbestos trust funds because they can file against multiple trusts.

These claims may be filed along with lung cancer lawsuits, but they often have a quicker payout timeline than a lawsuit.

Lung Cancer Lawsuits

Lung cancer lawsuits are filed against the manufacturers of asbestos products to hold them responsible for the illnesses they caused.

There are two different types of lung cancer lawsuits: personal injury and wrongful death. Both aim to help lung cancer victims and their families secure financial compensation.

Did You Know?

Those exposed to silica dust, which can also cause lung cancer, may also be eligible to file lawsuits.

Filing a lawsuit does not necessarily mean you’ll have to go to court. In fact, many asbestos lawsuits reach out-of-court settlements with the help of a trusted lawyer.

Eligibility for Lung Cancer Claims

To be eligible for an asbestos lung cancer claim, a person must:

  • Be diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Have a history of silica dust or asbestos exposure either at home, through a job, or from military service

People diagnosed with other asbestos-related diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma are also eligible to file asbestos claims.

If you don’t remember if you were exposed to asbestos, an experienced lung cancer law firm will have resources available to find out which asbestos products you were exposed to.

Statute of Limitations for Lung Cancer Claims

The statutes of limitations are laws that limit the amount of time people have to file lung cancer claims. This time limit will change from state to state.

Some states will require asbestos lung cancer claims to be filed within 1 year after diagnosis. However, other states have longer time frames.

You will need to make sure that you file your lung cancer claim before the statute of limitations in your state runs out.

By working with an asbestos lung cancer attorney, you can ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines.

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How to File a Lung Cancer Claim

You can take the following steps when you are ready to start filing a lung cancer claim.

1. Contact a Lung Cancer Lawyer

Before starting your claim, you’ll want to connect with a lung cancer laywer who works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you’ll pay no upfront costs.

A lung cancer lawyer can go over your case with you and help you determine if you have a valid claim.

If you qualify to file and you have established an attorney-client relationship, you can move forward with your asbestos lung cancer claim.

2. Collect Documentation

With the help of your legal team, you will need to gather all necessary documentation and evidence for your case.

Evidence in lung cancer claims may include:

  • Proof of lung cancer diagnosis, e.g. biopsy or X-ray results
  • Proof of asbestos exposure, whether at home or at a high-risk occupation
  • Other medical records and treatment bills

3. File Your Lung Cancer Claim

Once all paperwork and necessary evidence has been gathered, you can work with your lawyer to file your lung cancer claim before the statute of limitations (time limit) is up.

After your claim is filed, your lawyer will negotiate for your compensation.

Lung Cancer Group can help connect you with a lung cancer lawyer so you can get the claims process started. See if you qualify with a free consultation today.

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How Much Money Can You Get From a Lung Cancer Claim?

One asbestos lung cancer patient received nearly $350,000 after filing lung cancer claims, but how much you will receive from a lung cancer claim depends on multiple factors.

Factors that may affect your lung cancer settlement amount include:

  • Age and health at the time of diagnosis
  • Amount of medical costs
  • Severity of your illness
  • Loss of income or loss of future income
  • Which asbestos-based products you were exposed to

Every lung cancer case is different, but an experienced attorney will fight to build a strong case for you.

Find Legal Help With Lung Cancer Claims

If you or a family member has a history of asbestos exposure and was diagnosed with lung cancer, Lung Cancer Group can help. Our team can make the legal claims process easier so you can access compensation and afford lung cancer treatment costs.

Our team can connect you with some of the best silica dust and asbestos lawyers near you who can stand up to the product manufacturers responsible for your illness.

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Lung Cancer Claims FAQs

Can you file legal claims after a lung cancer diagnosis?

Yes, you can file a lung cancer claim if your lung cancer is the result of exposure to asbestos fibers or silica dust.

These claims can help you recover financial compensation for any of the medical expenses after a diagnosis.

Lung cancer compensation varies depending on several factors, but some people receive hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Contact our team now to see how much your lung cancer claim could be worth.

Yes, you’ll need an experienced lung cancer lawyer who can help you navigate the complex legal process and file multiple claims on your behalf.

Not only can a lawyer help you build a stronger case, but they can also negotiate for you, stand for you in court, and fight for the highest settlement amount possible.

Contact Lung Cancer Group at (877) 446-5767 to get connected with a lung cancer lawyer near you.

Lung Cancer Group was established by a team of caring advocates so those with lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases can get the help they deserve. Our site provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about lung cancer, its link to asbestos, and financial compensation available to patients. Contact us to learn more and get assistance.

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